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Tecnifibre T-Fight RSL 295 (100)

SKU: MTFRS3-WHT, Manufacturer ID 14F1295R11
Tecnifibre T-Fight RSL 295 (100)
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Tecnifibre brings the style and a slew of technical benefits with the new T-Fight RSL 295 Tennis Racquet. RSL refers to the unique combination of a control oriented square beam shape with a more powerful elliptical cross section to get the best of both worlds. The beam is shaped like an "R" and has 5 sides at critical points of the frame for a blend of stability and power. The RSL models have a slightly thicker beam (23mm) and they represent the most explosive of the new T-Fight racquets. Tecnifibre enhanced the connection of the racquet head and shaft to provide a more fluid flex for a crisp response. Dynacore HD returns in the new T-Fight 295 with long braid continuous fibers to increase flex for more comfort at contact. The Xtreme Touch Construction returns and is placed just above the grip. XTC is a blend of graphite, alloy & polyester fibers specifically woven to enhance stability while improving the flex of the racquet.

The T-Fight 295 is about a half ounce heavier than the T-Fight 280 at 10.9 ounces strung. The combination of a 16x19 string pattern with a 100 square inch head, make the 295 spin friendly and powerful. The T-Fight RSL 295 is a well balanced frame that offers power, stability, comfort and control. Because of its low static weight and impressive mobility, the 295 is a great choice for players with medium-fast swings who want a modern explosive frame.

  • Product Name:  Tecnifibre T-Fight RSL 295 (100)
  • Manufacturer #:  14F1295R11
  • Headsize:  100 sq. in.
  • Length:  27"
  • Beam Width:  23mm
  • Weight Strung:  310g (10.9oz)
  • Colors:  White/Red/Blue/Black
  • String Pattern(Mains X Crosses):  16 x 19
  • Balance:  32.5cm/(12.8 in.) - Head Light
  • Grip Type:  X-Tra Feel Blazon
  • Swing Speed:  Medium-Full
  • Swing Type:  Medium-Fast